Charles Schwab Support Team

Charles Schwab Support Team

The Benefits of Working with the Industry Leader

For over 20 years, Schwab Advisor Services has been dedicated to supporting the needs of fee-based independent investment advisors.

We have spent considerable time and resources building a platform that helps advisors strike out on their own and also benefit from the more than 6,000 independent investment advisor firms we serve every day.

We treat independent investment advisors with the same care and respect they provide their own clients. Our world-class support combined with our industry-leading platform means that RIAs who work with us gain:


World-Class Support Industry-Leading Platform
  • Relationship manager: A dedicated resource for fact-based and strategic input
  • Service professionals: Industry-recognized day-to-day operational support
  • Subject-matter experts: Focused knowledge in a variety of areas, from marketing to specific product areas to technology
  • Back-office infrastructure: Robust operations infrastructure, e.g., trading, reporting, portfolio management and custody services
  • Product choice: Access to a broad array of investment and wealth management products and services
  • Business Consulting Services: An integrated practice management program comprising Business Strategy & Planning, Human Capital, Marketing & Business Development, Transition Planning, Technology and Compliance Resources




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