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We, as advisors, are proud to be contributing authors to the following publications.

We continue to strive to provide our clients with educational materials which we believe will enhance their understanding of the Wealth Strategy Design and Planning processes.

It is an important goal of the Normandy Group to support the communities in which our valued clients live.

To order any book, you may make a check payable to your favorite charity and we will send the book directly to you and forward your tax-deductible check to the charity of your choice. Check with your tax advisor as to tax-deductibility of the contribution.

These educational tools are provided as a value added service of The Normandy Group. None of the advice or recommendations necessarily represents the opinions of The Normandy Group and no specific financial products or service are recommended.

While these books and booklets will help to educate you, we always recommend you seek the advice of a competent professional advisor before embarking on any planning matters.

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Retirement Planning, Maximizing Retirement Plans

Ways & Means: Maximize The Value of Your Retirement Savings

Ways & Means is the product of a nationwide research and writing project conducted by the Esperti Peterson Institute: a collaboration of 21 attorneys and 35 of the top financial planning experts in the country. $39.95

Practical Financial Answers, Essential Financial Planning Tips

21st Century Wealth:  Essential Financial Planning Principles

21st Century Wealth is the product of a nationwide research and writing project conducted by the Esperti Peterson Institute: a collaboration of 53 of the top financial planning experts in the country. $49.95

Dynasty IRA:  Understanding the Dynasty IRA

The inside answers to making the complex simple. This booklet explains the much misunderstood principles of minimum distribution opportunities to extend tax deferred accumulations of retirement plans. No Charge

Strictly Business: Planning Strategies For Privately Owned Businesses

Strictly Business is the product of a extensive national research and writing project that involved the participation of more than 90 of America's leading planning professionals, including accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors. The research focused on the most important questions that their entrepreneur and business owner clients asked of them and the answers our contributors gave to create meaningful business, retirement, succession, and estate plans.  $52.00

Financial Guide, Retirement Guide

Optimal Aging Manual: Your Guide From Experts in Medicine, Law, and Finance

Chapter 51- Investing For Retirement

"The editors Dr. Kevin O'Neil and Attorney Renno Peterson have created a wonderful reference guide that grapples with the complex issues of investments, insurance, and the physical and mental challenges of growing old. Optimal Aging Manual is an essential reading for those who want to maintain their health wealth and happiness". BookWire Review, December 10, 2004

"RX: The perfect prescription for all of us as we age. Take one for friends, one for family and one for yourself" Jack Harrison, Retired New York Times Vice President and Pulitzer Prize winning writer.

The Normandy Group makes Chapter 51 available to you at no cost.

No Charge