What We Do.....










"Here at The Normandy Group it is abundantly clear that success means different things to different people. Having financial wealth can be an important part of the total equation, but it rarely dominates".


Our Mission is to help individuals find balance within 3 major facets of wealth.


By helping people to combine

Personal Wealth - Who you are, what you stand for, your life's experiences, both good and bad

Social Wealth - Who and what you care about, and why, (family, friends, causes)

Financial Wealth - Personal finances, insurance, investment assets       

...into an integrated financial and estate plan we call a Wealth Strategy Design.


We can help to:

  • Solidify control over your affairs.
  • Facilitate the growth and enhancement of your wealth and other resources
  • Assure continuance of your lifestyle, including tax-free conversion of paper profits.
  • Protect your wealth, income and assets from legal judgments.
  • Eliminate or substantially reduce capital gain, income, estate, generation skipping and other taxes.
  • Manage the value of your business interests.
  • Provide custodial and administrative services to substantially reduce the unnecessary administrative burden on you and your family.
  • Keep your affairs free from publicity, and the costs and delay of probate.

In short, we can help you develop your personal, social and financial wealth, bring order to your affairs, and make recommendations to generate substantial tax savings while meeting your unique objectives.